Why do we sci-blog?

Martin Fenner, asks a few questions to science bloggers in Nature Network. A meme worth spreading:

Update 17/11/2008: My Answers

1. What is your blog about?

I wish it was about both literature and technology, for which I invented the fancy name Logo-techno-logion, a combination of the Greek words “logotexnia” (literature) and “technologia” (technology). These two words summarize the frame where my main interests lie. However, I don’t think I can absolutely control the content of my blog. One thing is for sure: it is personal.

2. What will you never write about?

I’d rather rule out anything inhumane, and please don’t ask me to define “inhumane”.

3. Have you ever considered leaving science?

No, certainly not. From the moment you quit there isn’t a way back to it. There is a Greek saying which goes: “Learn an Art and put it apart”, meaning that any knowledge that belongs to the sphere of art, stays in your mind for a long time. I don’t think it’s the same with science, though. It’s a hard decision to take and I won’t leave it to chance.

4. What would you do instead?

If the world turns upside down I’ll play the guitar for money. It’s an art I learned long, long time ago.

5. What do you think will science blogging be like in 5 years?

I expect that more and more communities will grow for science bloggers to collaborate and share with the motto “as open as it gets”. I foresee obstacles along the way, though.

6. What is the most extraordinary thing that happened to you because of blogging?

I can’t recall a specific thing or moment. With blogging, I realized I was not alone in my insecurity, my thoughts and beliefs. Kind of therapeutic, don’t you think? So far, I’ve met wonderful, bright people but also terrifying monsters and trolls.

7. Did you write a blog post or comment you later regretted?

Later? Of course not. After I hit the publish button, I’m always clear, concise and to the point. However, it frequently occurs to me to regret a post or comment before or at the same time I write it down.

8. When did you first learn about science blogging?

I’m not quite sure, but in some way I knew it existed before I’ve even visited a science blog for the first time.

9. What do your colleagues at work say about your blogging?

It’s not what they say about it, it’s what they whisper.

And some of the other answers: [1] [2], [3].

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  1. Hey Angelos … you should answer the questions too :) !

    Greek language is okay … I can’t read it, but there are lots of people in my lab who can :) (and there is always the Babelfish).

    Comment by Andrew Perry — November 17, 2008 @ 14:11
  2. @Andrew Perry

    Hey Andrew! You won’t need Babelfish (I hope) to read my answers above. Thanks for passing by.

    Comment by amarkos — November 17, 2008 @ 18:28
  3. Cool, thanks !

    Comment by Andrew Perry — November 18, 2008 @ 0:57
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